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Safeguarding the marine environment.

A product by SAMS Enterprise, a commercial subsidiary of the Scottish Association for Marine Science.  


NewDEPOMOD is a particle-tracking modelling software designed to predict dispersion of fish farm wastes in the benthic environment. It helps users define regulatory limits, manage adherence to Environmental Quality Standards, optimise production and stocking density whilst safeguarding the environment.

NewDEPOMOD is prescribed by SEPA for the development of fish farms in Scotland. Due to its high level of adaptability, it is used internationally in various marine environments and for multiple species.

Who is it for?

• Fish Farmers
• Regulators
• Consultants and third-party modellers
• Researchers

For Fish Farmers

Helps fish farmers optimise operational capacity and achieve production targets

Calculates the environmental capacity to safeguard the sea and the seabed

Delivers both financial and environmental benefits

For Regulators

Reliable software that helps regulators set industry limits to assist in management and mitigation of any potential impacts arising from fish farm waste in the benthic environment.

Currently prescribed, recommended and used by regulators and top global industry operators around the world as a key monitoring tool in fish farm development.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency currently prescribe it to the sector for fish farm development in Scotland.

For Researchers

Useful software for those investigating fish farm waste dispersal, for example, in new environments or when working with new species.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modellers can define their specific farm setup and location, including cage configurations, feed inputs, local bathymetry and currents.

The model uses this information to generate a farm-specific prediction of where fish faeces and uneaten feed will travel through the water column, and interact with the seabed.

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NewDEPOMOD benefits from over 20 years of scientific research and development by experts in the field. Today, it is highly configurable and used all around the world in different marine environments, with different fish species.

NewDEPOMOD is simple to use software and our expert team offer the following training services via video conference or in-person (depending on COVID-19 regulations):

Level 1

  • Basic software introduction and use, technical introduction and examples of use (1 day course)

Level 2

  • Detailed technical brief, utilising spatially varying currents functionality, run through of a full worked example (1 day course)

Bespoke one-to-one training

  • These can be designed to suit the individual and their needs, for example examining specific applications or focussing on specific areas of interest.

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