Snow Ice Mass Balance Apparatus (SIMBA)

SIMBA is an autonomous device that provides reliable measurement of snow and ice structure. These devices from SAMS Enterprise allow monitoring of ice or snow thickness, movement and temperature profiles, whilst resolving any air, ice or water interfaces.

SIMBA measures snow and ice pack characteristics, sends real-time, high resolution data from remote and extreme environments, and can play a key part in protecting the environment, people and infrastructure:

SNOW: Avalanche forecasting aid

RIVER ICE: Snow melt and flood forecasting

SEA ICE: Climate and environmental research and navigation. 





Quality Data

> Unique sensing through active heat cycles
> Proven 10 years in polar regions to deliver sea ice data.
> Custom web interface
> Temperature readings: Raw, high res, active sensing, ambient air.
> Snow and ice accumulation/melt rates
> Detects the interface between water, snow, ice and air


> Remote user configuration of sampling settings via email or text
> Low power design with long battery life and low maintenance
> Barometric pressure, GPS positioning
> Data sent via GSM or Iridium
> Fixed station, semi or fully mobile system



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 “SIMBA is an excellent tool to monitor snow conditions in real time in remote or hazardous locations from the comfort of your office” - Dr Blair Fyffe - Snow Scientist