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Harnessing the huge amount of carbon-free energy that is available from the wave and tidal movement of our oceans, presents what is set to become a major sustainable power source for the future. The tidal and wave power industries have already received millions in both private and public investment, but there are still many unanswered questions about the impact of these devices on the marine environment (installation and operation). These environmental issues require full investigation before any new technology can become compliant and therefore commercially viable.

With many years of cutting-edge research into the interactions between renewable energy devices and the marine environment (fish, marine mammals and benthic), SAMS Enterprise work with renewable energy companies to provide surveys, modelling and analysis services in support of the Environmental Impact Assessment process. We have experience providing scientific monitoring services to the renewable energy industry and have conducted numerous desk-based assessments and field survey campaigns, assessing the impact of development on the marine environment.

SAMS Enterprise provides the following core services to the Marine Renewables industry:

  • >Specialist input into/review of Environmental Impact Assessment 
  • >Consenting support services 
  • >Post consent monitoring 
  • >Modelling (collision-risk/underwater noise propagation/hydrodynamic/particle dispersal etc.)
  • >Marine Growth Assessments (biofouling)
  • >Marine surveys (ambient underwater noise/marine mammal/bathymetric/benthic/ocean)
  • >Biosecurity (introduction and management of invasive species)
  • >Marine Spatial Planning (co-location/IMTA)
  • >Sampling and Laboratory analysis (benthic/seawater)

SAMS Enterprise has been contracted by several leading companies (e.g., Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Equinor, Shell (UK) Ltd, Open Hydro, Voith, MeyGen, DP Energy Ltd, RSK Group Plc, Fugro & Sustainable Marine Energy) to perform various environmental assessments in a range of international locations.


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