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SAMS Enterprise has experience providing scientific monitoring services to the renewable energy industry and has conducted numerous desk-based assessments and field survey campaigns, assessing the impact of development on the marine environment. 


> Specialist input into/review of Environmental Impact Assessments
> Consenting support services
> Post Consent Monitoring
> Modelling
> Marine surveys
> Marine Spatial Planning (Co-location/IMTA)
> Sampling & Laboratory analysis
> Biosecurity Planning & Marine Growth Assessments

Selected Areas of Expertise 

Social Sciences 

> Evolving social attitudes
> Conflict resolution & cooperation with fisheries
> Community Consultation
> Social Licence to Operate
> Stakeholder Mapping & engagement
> Just Transition


> Farm set up/support
> Net Zero seaweed farming
> Seaweed Nursery (seeded line supply)
> Colocation and IMTA opportunities
> Pathogen disease control & management
> Discovery & cauterisation of new strains

Marine Mammals 

> Population impact modelling (iPCoD & DEPONS)
> Ambient noise quantification & device sound characterisation
> Underwater noise propagation modelling
> Encounter rate modelling
> Cumulative impact assessment
> Mitigation techniques
> Acoustic data analysis & interpretation

Fisheries & Shellfish 

> Assessment of underwater noise (baseline, construction, & operation)
> Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) structures as aggregation devices (fish, marine mammals & seabirds)
> Assessment of aggregation/spill over of fish
> Regeneration of the seabed (mapping)
> Natural and commercial fish surveys
> GPS tracking & movement analysis

3D Modelling a eDNA

> Autonomous mapping of the seabed using AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)
> eDNA analysis and mapping to track change/restoration around the structures


> Collection of oceanographic data
> Assessing the risk/possibility of enhanced nutrient supply due to structural wake mixing.

SAMS Enterprise has been contracted by several leading companies (e.g., Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE), Equinor, Shell (UK) Ltd, Open Hydro, Voith, MeyGen, DP Energy Ltd, RSK Group Plc, Fugro & Sustainable Marine Energy) to perform various environmental assessments in a range of international locations.


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