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SAMS Enterprise is at the leading edge of understanding and extending know-how in seaweed seeding, cultivation and disease management. We operate our own nursery where we bring on such seaweeds as Alaria esculenta, Saccharina latissima, Laminaria hyperborea, Palmaria palmata and Ulva from gathered spores. We use a number of different seeding methods and also operate our own seaweed farm. We provide the emerging seaweed industry with seeded lines for grow-out, as well as consultancy spanning a number of key areas; farm set-up, infrastructure, harvesting and coppicing. We also have expertise in pathogen/disease control and management.

We are also working to discover and characterise new strains of seaweed better-suited to seaweed farming practices, or with improved disease-resistance. 

SAMS Enterprise also provides the following services to the seaweed industry:

  • >Marine surveys (bathymetric/benthic/ocean)
  • >Laboratory analysis (benthic/seawater)
  • >Environmental Impact Assessment support
  • >Marine Spatial Planning
  • >Modelling (hydrodynamic/particle dispersal/SVC/sea-lice connectivity/HABs)
  • >Biosecurity (toxic phytoplankton/invasive species)
  • >Marine Growth Assessments (biofouling)


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