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Marine Biotechnology is one of the most exciting areas in marine science and one in which there is huge potential value for a diverse range of industries including food, human and animal health and cosmetics. SAMS research extends into many areas of marine biotechnology and with extensive laboratory and research aquarium facilities, we provide supportive consultancy to businesses establishing themselves in this new and exciting industry.

SAMS Centre for Marine Biotechnology undertakes research and provides services, training and education to support the development of this sector in the UK and across Europe. Projects include bioprospecting and the development of new products and services from marine organisms.

SAMS is also home to the Culture Collection of Algae and Protozoa (CCAP). With 3000 strains of marine and freshwater algae, protists and seaweeds, it is the most diverse collection of its kind in the world. CCAP sell cultures, bioinformatic data, services and advice to the scientific community world-wide.


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