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Aquaculture is an industry of growing importance, with 96% of the UK’s industry is based here in Scotland. Globally, aquaculture now accounts for approximately half of the fish that is used for food, providing essential protein in a world where the human population is growing at an ever increasing rate.

At SAMS, we focus on enabling the industry to expand whilst ensuring environmental sustainability. We have developed a suite of modelling tools for the industry which model interaction with the sea and seabed, predict harmful algal blooms and spread of current-dispersed viruses, as well as the connectivity and dispersal of sea lice. We can work with farmers to help meet production targets, expand operations and establish new sites whilst safeguarding the marine environment. 

SAMS Enterprise also provides the following services to the aquaculture industry:

  • >Modelling (hydrodynamic/particle dispersal/SVC/sea-lice connectivity/HABs)
  • >Biosecurity (invasive species and biosecurity planning)
  • >Toxic Phytoplankton Monitoring
  • >Marine Growth Assessments (biofouling)
  • >Laboratory analysis (benthic/seawater)
  • >Environmental Impact Assessment support
  • >Marine Spatial Planning
  • >Marine surveys (bathymetric/benthic/ocean)


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