Seaweed Academy

Supporting expansion and skills development for the seaweed aquaculture industry.

The Seaweed Academy is the UK’s only dedicated seaweed industry facility offering a complete package of training, education, and business development – a one-stop-shop for supporting expansion and skills development for the seaweed aquaculture industry.

Providing a truly innovative and holistic service to the sector, the Seaweed Academy will offer:

• Research and technical input on issues such as disease management
• Developments and assistance in the field of social and commercial licencing
• Support in establishing a commercial business
• Cryopreservation of strains in the CCAP
• Technical courses through Argyll College such as sea safety and manual handling

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Supporting expansion and skills development for the seaweed aquaculture industry.
About Seaweed Academy

About Seaweed Academy

By addressing the skills requirements for the seaweed industry, the Seaweed Academy would enable further growth of the sector and increase the UK’s position as a global innovation leader in this field. The integrated approach to skills development will ensure that the workforce is well equipped for all aspects of seaweed farming, ensuring optimal growth of this new and crucially important sector for the UK economy.

A network of over 35+ staff and researchers, including internationally recognised leaders in this field, are involved in the development of the Seaweed Academy and its course content. The courses being developed will be a delivery of a mix of academic course material, practical seaweed nursery and on-farm knowledge.

The Seaweed Academy is for individuals and businesses looking to improve their technical knowledge or get accreditation in required skills for farming seaweed. The project will deliver immediate economic benefit to Argyll and Bute through expansion of existing operations for project partners, as well as supporting seaweed farmers and jobs throughout this important low carbon value chain. It will also play a key role in the wider UK context for direct and indirect beneficiaries as the seaweed industry grows around the coastline, particularly in rural areas with Argyll & Bute recognised as a centre of excellence in this field.

The market benefits of the Seaweed Academy include, but are not limited to:

• Stimulating the growth of UK seaweed aquaculture from individuals and community groups to large commercial organisations;
• Growing opportunities in high volume (e.g. animal feed), as well as high value markets (e.g. pharmaceuticals);
• Increasing competitiveness of UK products globally;
• Increased removal of CO2 from the ocean surface, drawing down atmospheric CO2 concentrations and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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