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SAMS Enterprise uses complex computational simulations, based on real data to predict how parameters in the marine environment will change over time. These models enable our scientists, and in turn our clients, to gain an in-depth understanding of how marine systems behave, as well as industry’s impacts on that environment.

SAMS Enterprise offer a wide variety of modelling services to industry, ranging from hydrodynamic models to environmental models, and spanning a range of different scales. Examples of models supplied by SAMS Enterprise include:

  • >Hydrodynamic (predictions of current flow, weather forecasting and other oceanographic parameters)
  • >Particle Dispersion Modelling (predicting how particles will spread from a source-point throughout the marine environment)
  • >Sea-lice Connectivity (knowledge of sea-lice lifecycles is used to predict their spread from fish farm sites)
  • >DEPOMOD  (commercial model used to predict the footprint of potential impact for fish farm sites)
  • >Noise propagation (predicting underwater noise levels based on the noise source and receiving environment)
  • >Harmful Algal Blooms (predicting the formation and movement of toxic algal blooms)


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