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SAMS Enterprise have a long track-record of providing specialist consultancy and survey services to mining companies undertaking or considering the practice of Deep Sea Tailings Placement or DSTP (disposal of terrestrial mine-tailings into the deep sea environment). SAMS Enterprise specialises in the assessment of environmental impacts associated with deposition and long-term disposal of tailings using this method. We have earned a global reputation in this area, working to promote best-practice and protect the marine environment.

In contrast, Marine mining involves the retrieval of minerals from the ocean floor. The abundance of mineral reserves which can be found in seabed nodules and hydrothermal vents is of huge value to society, but must be extracted with the utmost care to ensure that no harm is caused to the environment.  SAMS Enterprise is well-positioned to advise on these impacts and works with the mining industry throughout the world providing sampling, analysis, monitoring and consultative advice across a range of industry practices.


SAMS Enterprise also provides the following services to the marine mining industry:

  • >Marine Surveys (bathymetric/benthic/ocean)
  • >Marine Robotics
  • >Modelling (hydrodynamic/ particle dispersal)
  • >Laboratory analysis (contaminants/sediment and seawater/benthic)
  • >Environmental Impact Assessment support


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